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Quantitative data – This is where the employee rates the company, and his/her specific experiences there on a rating scale. This then enables quantifiable comparisons between cost centres, locations, tenure, gender etc. It also enables the company to quantify improvements created by any programs which have been introduced off the back of key learnings from exit interviews.
Qualitative data – This is the feedback obtained by an HR professional either face-to-face with the departing employee, or over the phone. The key to the success of this is that the interviewer needs to have read the quantitative feedback and identified the salient areas needing follow up probing. This process is critical for uncovering underlying issues that may not appear as being statistically relevant on the surface, such as pockets of discrimination or bullying.

ExitInterview.com.au utilise a two tier exit interview process and a team of experienced HR professionals, thereby ensuring the highest possible validity of both the quantitative and qualitative data.
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